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This is a project I’ve been working on called Jesus 2.0.  It’s an infographic guide to performing some of JC’s most popular miracles,  printed on communion wafers. Pretty sweet huh? Yes, I know, it’s potentially offensive. However, my intentions for this project were primarily to amuse, rather than to offend. I do love the idea […]

Fluttering at the edge of dreams

I found myself messing around with symmetrical patterns this evening, and it got me thinking about moths and butterflies. They both have exquisite patterns on their wings, but moths are normally less brilliantly coloured.  Wikipediaphile and proud, I made a quick curiosity-fueled google search. What’s interesting is that there are often ultraviolet patterns and hues in a moth’s […]

New Stuff

Here I am, back with some shiny new stuff as promised. I’ve literally just completed this illustration, and I’ve got a couple of alternative versions for you to chew on 🙂 I’ve also uploaded a video of its creation, which I’ve no doubt you’ll find utterly enthralling 😉 The smoke took a few hours to […]

Some New Stuff

Hello again, poor neglected blog.  It is official, I’m an art student….again. I’ve had a bit of a shock to my system;this college actually gives you stuff to do, and lots of it!  We get live briefs, studio units, visual recording (drawing, painting from life) computers in art and design, AS photography (almost as much […]

Hello world!

Hi All … Please be patient, I have just got this up and running, and I’ll start to blog in earnest son :0)