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New Stuff

Here I am, back with some shiny new stuff as promised. I’ve literally just completed this illustration, and I’ve got a couple of alternative versions for you to chew on ūüôā I’ve also uploaded a video of its creation, which I’ve no doubt you’ll find utterly enthralling ūüėČ The smoke took a few hours to […]

I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ve been busy. ¬†I have so much to show you that I haven’t a clue where to begin. ¬†So, I’m going to leave you with a link to my shop for now, as it has prints of a few of my shiny ¬†new illustrations for you to look at. ¬†I think it’s time I started […]

Some New Stuff

Hello again, poor neglected blog. ¬†It is official, I’m an art student….again. I’ve had a bit of a shock to my system;this college actually gives you stuff to do, and lots of it! ¬†We get live briefs, studio units, visual recording (drawing, painting from life) computers in art and design, AS photography (almost as much […]

Laid Back

This is VERY different to my usual work. I got bored watching TV last night so I started sketching some random things ūüėÄ I sketched this guy really quick with an hb pencil. I used a cocktail stick dipped in ink to draw loosely over the pencil lines, then did some quick blocking in and […]

Flamingo illustration.

Just a simple illustration I painted using graphic design software. ¬†I didn’t want too much detail, I just aimed to capture the warmth and the movement in this scene. I’m starting a National Diploma in Graphic Design in September, so I’m brushing up on my digital illustration skills ūüėÄ

Boredom- A5 rhino sketch.

Just a little coloured pencil sketch of a rhino at Chester zoo. He seemed weary,  the tedium of captive life eh? Boredom

Izu the lion.

Well, I’m in the mood for big cats again today. ¬†I was given permission to draw this handsome lion, Izu, by ¬†the young and¬†accomplished teen¬†photographer Charles. His photography can be found here-¬† I spent the entirety of this morning ¬†drawing this. ¬†The foreshortening was quite challenging, but I think I pulled it off. Izu’s mane […]

Snow leopard pencil portrait.

This drawing was inspired by a beautiful photograph by the talented David Hewett, who can be found here on David kindly gave me permission to reference his work. I drew this in H pencil, HB, and 5B, then gave it colour glazes to bring out the eyes. And a greyscale version..

Fox portrait in coloured pencil.

This drawing was inspired by a gorgeous portrait photograph by John Morris, who can be found here on Flickr- His photographs from the British wildlife centre are stunning.

Freya The Stray Kitten

A little charcoal portrait of a  stray black and white kitten we took in for 3 months until we could find her a home. Freya