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Hello again, poor neglected blog.  It is official, I’m an art student….again.

I’ve had a bit of a shock to my system;this college actually gives you stuff to do, and lots of it!  We get live briefs, studio units, visual recording (drawing, painting from life) computers in art and design, AS photography (almost as much work as the graphics!) and contextual studies.  I’ve had to become acquainted with a fine liner; all annotation and initial sketching must be done with one.  I found this hard at first because I’m painfully embarrassed about the appearance of my hand writing; each sentence is a disjointed spidery trail of inky shame.  My tutors assure me that it makes my worksheets look energetic and creative 🙂

We have four weeks on each graphics project.  The first week is for research, the second for experimentation, the third for development and the fourth for producing a final outcome.  The experimentation is a fast and furious business, with inks, paints and chalks flying this way and that across the classroom.  This is such a different way of working, I usually sit and work on the same drawing for hours, slavishly rendering every detail…so this is a real breath of fresh air!  I feel like I’ve been freed up creatively.However,I haven’t found the projects we’ve worked on so far to be particularly exciting-Christmas wrapping paper (shudder).

Anyway, we’ve had a week off, giving me time to work on some of my own projects. Click on each image to see it larger.

Serpentine Dexterity

This started out as a sketch of a spring, but it evolved into something much more interesting. See, I got bored and started playing about with the shape of the coils as I drew them. The hands idea sprung from the murky depths of my subconscious as I finished the coils. Took me about two hours in total. Credit and my thanks goes to stockyourselfout for uploading a wealth of beautiful hand references.

Hallucinogenic Twins

Chameleons that induce hallucinogenic episodes in both predators and prey with trippy optically illusionary patterns :) Once again, please don’t expect to be favoured with a further explanation, I just felt like it. Alternatively, you could see this as “two chameleons at a Bridget Riley exhibition”, entirely up to you .

I painted the original chameleon in mixed media, using ink, charcoal, oil pastel, watercolour pencils and carbon. I used rubbings and scratching away with a scalpel to get the rough texture down. The tail made my head spin; a spiral within a spiral! I then scanned it in, mirrored it, pieced it together and used a little nifty digital collaging to add pebbles to the skin to further describe the texture.

Tiny Destiny

An epic conflict! Frenetic legs fumble in a furious fight! Two great insectoid titans struggle to control the fate of the die!

I don’t know much about the technicalities of digital art, so I just figured stuff out as I went along…

This started out as a sketchbook doodle. I’d been thinking about the concept of destiny, chance and the butterfly effect; a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory :P It is all built around the original pencil drawing, and elements of the piece remain fully hand rendered, such as the shadows. Most of this was painted in Paint Shop Pro, but I also had a mess around in Photoshop. I might upload the original sketches to show the development. Took about 10-15 hours in total. Click to enlarge and have a closer look…

Panthera Pardus

You really have to click on this one to appreciate the detail I’ve put into it..I drew this leopard on A3 hot pressed paper. I used ink, carbon, graphite, charcoal, a plastic eraser and needle, a cocktail stick (for the whiskers) a water-soluble graphite stick and a fine liner. Took about 15 hours to complete.

Born from pure procrastination, this. I really needed to press on with my college work, but I just had to draw something! For some reason, I was pressing a needle into my plastic eraser (no doubt causing voodoo havoc throughout the cuboid world), when it occurred to me that I had created the ultimate fur drawing tool; just scratch with the needle into the grain of the paper to create clumps of fur, then smudge some graphite over the top and erase out the highlights! The needle creates much more realistic hair than regular embossing tools. I have a bunch of royalty free references to work from (thanks to David Stribbling). I’m uploading a close up of the face too, just to highlight some of the finer detail.

I hold the copyright to all of the work on this blog-steal and I keeell you…

I need to upload some of my college work next weekend. Some of it is pretty interesting.

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  1. Your artwork is amazing! I’d love to connect with you via email to use some of your images (and give you credit of course!) on my blog. If you could email me I would really appreciate it. You are very talented!

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