Flamingo illustration.

Just a simple illustration I painted using graphic design software.  I didn’t want too much detail, I just aimed to capture the warmth and the movement in this scene. I’m starting a National Diploma in Graphic Design in September, so I’m brushing up on my digital illustration skills 😀


  1. Looks great, would have never imagined that was done digitally.
    Looking forward to the course?

    1. Thank you 🙂 yes, I am looking forward to the course… it looks excellent. Of course, nerves and anticipation are present too…. I suppose that is good really because it proves my education is very important to me. The head tutor used to run a multi million pound graphics company, so he is very strict and professional. The graphics course goes hand in hand with illustration and photography, so there are lots of possible career routes to follow. I plan to mix my traditional, fine detail techniques with modern illustration tools to create something fresh and unique.

      Apparently there are two types of people..those who ‘get’ the digital illustration software and those that just can’t grasp it. I hope I fall into the first category!

  2. Oh wow sounds like a really interesting course. I can understand the nerves, I’m applying for university and the whole process is very overwhelming. I’ve been away from studying for about 2yrs now so that’s a little scary too lol.

    I’m sure you are one who grasps it, I definitely know I’m not, I never progressed past ms paint lol.

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