Birds Of Prey project-New Zealand CaraCara Bird

Recently we saw a birds of prey display team fly some amazing birds around South Park.  Ben Potter, The team leader, kindly allowed me to take some reference photographs of the birds up close.  One of the biggest characters of the show was the CaraCara bird. This bird was smart, and incredibly cheeky. The moment he was let loose, the CaraCara began circling Ben, an intimidation technique, apparently!   He did everything in his power to look menacing, running at the crowd and such, but it really didn’t work 🙂

Here is a link to the Display Team’s website.

I’ve just completed a mixed media painting, inspired by some of the Photographs I took of the CaraCara. I’ve done my best to capture his powerful and intelligent appearance.

I drew this in watercolour pencils, overlaying it with blendable pencils, indenting the feathers for detail, and adding flecks of colour in acrylic. I painted the sky in with pastels, lifted out the clouds using a kneaded eraser, inked in the grass with a sable brush, and put in some darker tones on the CaraCara using diluted Quink ink.

What do you think? Let me know 😉

Next up, White Tailed Sea Eagle.


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