Green man Digital Collage

Ok, so it’s been a while since my last post, but I have got plenty of stuff lined up to show you now. I’m working on some large, detailed bird of prey studies at the moment, and I’ve also been playing around with digital collage.  Here’s one of the collages I created a couple of days ago,  an artistic interpretation of  The Green Man. Layer-based photo editing software is a great way of creating really unusual collage pieces.

I used photo editing software to layer different textures over one another, varying the transparency of each layer. I chose a half face crop, I think it gives the image an intimacy and drama that a full face wouldn’t have expressed.



  1. Green Man—an ancient and wonderful image. Your rendition is new and yet retains a sense of heritage of the myth and image. SWEET!

    1. Thank you whitebuffalo, I wanted to put my own personal spin on this wonderful symbol.

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