First proper blog post!

Here it is, the very first sentence in my first proper Blog post!

My name is Owen, I draw, I paint, I procrastinate.  That is all the information you are getting for now 😀

You may have noticed that I haven’t filled in my Bio yet, it’s on my to do list.  If I could list the intrinsic qualities that make me who I am in a quick online bio page, then I would be a rather simple character.  The truth is I am complicated. So for now, you can all use your imagination 😉

I’m currently painting from some photographs that my younger sisters and I took at the local nature reserve. Here are a couple of preliminary sketches I did this morning.

The above sketch was rendered quickly in graphite with a 4B pencil that I rounded off with a craft knife.  After completing this sketch, I decided that I could describe the water more effectively in paint.

This one  is a fast ink and bleach sketch. I started with watered down Quink ink, applied with a large brush, to block in the basic forms and shadows.  Next, I applied neat black ink to the swan’s face and beak.  I created a number of different tonal values by varying the amount of water I diluted the ink with. I flicked on some bleach to suggest the sun catching the water.  I think this one is much more effective.

I’ll be starting the final version tomorrow,  so I’ll post an update once I’ve got it sketched out.


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